A Poem

                        Writing With Light

The true measure of a person’s quality is the extent to which he or she is able to contain vast amounts of light.

Once it enters into you, it transforms your soul.  If you let it.

And in doing so, it increases your capacity for the next influx of beams coming your way.

Ultimately, of course, you need to release some of it or else you’d burst.

So you shoot it out.

And in doing so, you set the stage for the next influx coming your way.

Does it matter where you direct it when you release it?

I suppose it must but haven’t figured out all of the specifics.

What’s clear to me, though, is that the level at which you perform these processes is the most accurate  calibration of how holy a life you’re living.

When you’re spraying forth some of that stored-up light, you’re writing with letters that are far more powerful than the black ones on a printed page.

 Why write with ink when you can write with light?


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