Fashion Profile — Tina Wasserman

Cookbook author Tina Wasserman agreed to answer the six questions that constitute DC Jewish Style’s Fashion Profile Questionnaire.

(For information about Ms. Wasserman, please see the previous post.)

How would you describe your personal style?

 Tailored elegant.

 If you work, what do you wear for that?

When I am lecturing or book-signing, I always wear an Armani Collezioni suit.  If I’m working in the kitchen, all bets are off.  (Laughs.)  Tee shirt and shorts or jeans.

What do you wear for social functions?

I tend to wear tailored clothes.  If I do anything that’s funky or wild prints or something that’s au courant, it’s always in something that’s very inexpensive, because I don’t go with trends.  If I’m going to go with a trend, I go with inexpensive trends, so I’m not spending hundreds of dollars on scarves and things like that.

How do you feel about jewelry?

I like jewelry very much.  I have beautiful jewelry.  My husband picked them all out without my seeing them, and he did a great job.  I have some very good pieces that I don’t wear often.  When I get dressed up, I like a simple but elegant dress — and good jewelry is what dresses it up.

I’m always wearing earrings.  I almost always just wear diamond studs and don’t wear anything else.  I keep it simple.

And what about accessories?

I wear scarves occasionally.  I have about five purses — a black, a green, a tan.  One year I used the black purse all year.  One year I used the green purse all year.  I’ve had them for a while.  I used to buy nice bags.  I think that the price of bags got ridiculous, and I will not buy those bags anymore.

And, oh, very important about me — I absolutely do not wear anybody’s initials.  I used to say, when they first came out with jeans that had labels on them, I was going to have labels made up that said “Tina’s Tush” and put them on my jeans.

Finally, what do you like to wear when you’re feeling quirky?

I like to wear something that’s a little bit more revealing.  You know, maybe low-cut or off-the-shoulder. 

Crazy prints — I have that in my closet, too.  Usually with black pants.

In my stage of life, the clothes they’re showing now are exactly what I wore in the sixties, and not necessarily appropriate for me — even though I like the style — and I don’t want to look like one of my daughters’ friends.  I don’t try to compete.  I want to look good at my age.


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