Fashion Profile — Aviva LeKuch

Former broadcaster Aviva LeKuch agreed to answer the six questions that constitute DC Jewish Style’s Fashion Profile Questionnaire.

(For more information about Ms. LeKuch, please see the previous post.)

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is classical with pizzazz.

If you work, what do you wear for that?

I work in an office, so I wear appropriate clothes for an office.  Usually darker colors in the winter.  I stay away from any flower pattern.  I stay away from bright colors, and I don’t like flowers or paisley.  I prefer one-color outfits.  Maybe black pants and a beige sweater, or a one-color suit.

How about social functions?

It depends what kind of a function.  If I meet friends and maybe go out to dinner and dancing, in the winter I prefer black.  Maybe a little bit of sequins.  A cocktail dress or pants with a little bit of a fancy top.

However, in summer I go for bright colors.  I love orange-red.  I love yellow.  Not lemon yellow, but yolk yellow.  And also I go very much for light blue.  I’m a blonde — that’s why. I stay away from flowers and paisley. I like bold colors.

For evening wear, I prefer St. John because it’s very elegant — that’s number one.  And number two, it’s made of knit fabric, so it stretches, and not having a perfect figure, clothes that stretch work out for me.

How do you feel about jewelry?

I love jewelry.  I wear a lot of jewelry.  I like big pieces.  For necklaces, I like short ones usually, but in a bigger size.

I like earrings.  If it’s custom jewelry, it has to be very original and unusual.

I love amber, because I come from the Baltic area.  Usually amber and silver.

 As any girl does, I love diamonds.  The bigger the better.

I prefer two-toned jewelry — meaning yellow gold combined with white gold.  I also like sapphires and diamonds together.  And I love turquoise in combination with pearls, in combination with diamonds, and in combination with amber.

What about accessories?

I’m pretty big on shoes and bags.  I prefer designer shoes.  I love Dolce & Gabbana bags and shoes.  I love Versace bags.  Of course, I love Chanel, but their bags and shoes are very expensive.  My absolutely favorite shoes are Manolo Blahnik.

I’m not very big on scarves, I must say.  I think I have maybe one Chanel and one Versace and I can wear them with everything.

What do you like to wear when you’re feeling quirky?

When I go out, I always want to do something out of the ordinary.  When I go out, as I mentioned, I like bright colors — hopefully red.  I guess I’m a quirky person.


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